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Enterprise Architecture
  1. Enterprise Architecture Center of Excellence
  2. Institute For Enterprise Architecture Developments
  3. Center For Enterprise Architecture
  4. The Essential Project
  5. A Practical Guide for Developing an Enterprise Architecture
  1. Microsoft .Net
  2. Code Project
  3. DorNetNuke
  4. 4 Guys from Rolla
  5. DevX
  6. MSDN Magzine
  7. Scott Guthrie's Blog
  8. Channel 9
Cloud Computing
  1. Oracle Cloud
  2. iCloud
Oracle Applications
  1. Oracle Applications Release 12 Documentation Library
  2. Oracle Applications Documentation download
Facebook Social Media
  1. Facebook Developers Site
Software Testing
  1. International Institute for Software Testing
     Employee empowerment = Integrating "People and Processes" using "Information and Technology"     

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